Why study Shidokan Karate?

Shidokan Karate is built on three pillars:


Individually performed sequences that combine a variety of kicking, punching and blocking techniques.


Two person exercises for practicing basic punching, kicking and blocking movement techniques as well as prearranged, controlled sparring drills that include a variety of throwing techniques.


Applications of the kata forms practiced in a group of four to five people.

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Meet our Sensei

Sensei Uza has over 35 years of martial arts teaching experience
Yujiro Uza

Yujiro Uza


Uza Sensei is a Shihan, 6th Degree Black belt who began his training in Okinawa. He is a master of Beikoku-Shido-Kan / Shorin-Ryu Karate Do.

Uza Sensei began his training in Okinawa more than 30 years ago.
Studying under Sensei Seikichi Iha (Hanashi 10 dan); the highest ranked Okinawan master living in the United States.

Uza Sensei is a member of the North American Beikoku Shido-kan Association and head instructor of the Illinois branch.

What students and their parents say?

Real world advantages of Shido-kan Karate
Bob Smith

Bob Smith


"Uza Sensei is an excellent Karate teacher. Not only does he teach well, but also in a manner that respects each person's uniqueness"

Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson


"My child has become more confident, stronger and faster from Karate training. I couldn't ask for a better result"

Bob Jones

Bob Jones

Visiting Instructor

"Uza Sensei treats his guests with respect. Respect for both his art and theirs."